Earl E. Hunt
Hunt & Associates, Inc. 

Earl E. Hunt is founder and President of Hunt & Associates, Inc. In addition to his client work, he directs the firms marketing strategy. 

Since the inception of the business in 1987, Earl has been broker for many of the major corporations in the area. These companies require expertise in areas such as designing benefits that must satisfy the union and management, advice and direction as it pertains to insurance cash flow and the merging of companies with different benefit plans and philosophies. These corporations also have the obvious need to manage cost.

Earl has been able to respond to these needs because of over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry. He has a complete understanding of the products in the marketplace today, insurance underwriting, actuarial information and very keen analytical skills.  These tools are essential to be successful in today’s environment. 

Earl has been able to prepare each company for the problems of today and for the challenges of tomorrow. His clients have shown their appreciation by maintaining his services and the marketplace has responded by new clients coming on board every year.

Earl has demonstrated his commitment to each client and he will continue this commitment every day.


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