Hunt & Associates, Inc. is an insurance brokerage and consulting firm. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive fringe benefit package at the most competitive price. To accomplish these goals, we at Hunt & Associates, Inc. have a complete understanding of the market place, actuarial information, insurance underwriting, product development and superior analytical skills.

Since the inception of Hunt & Associates, Inc. in 1987, the firm has grown from a small local company to a company with national stature. Our clients range from the very small employer groups to large companies requiring complex benefit designs.

In addition to providing brokerage and consulting services, Hunt & Associates, Inc. is also an approved Third Party Administrator. The marketplace and our accounts demanded a quality administrator and we responded.

Hunt & Associates, Inc prides itself in providing our clients with credible, honest and detailed service. Numerous clients have applauded these qualities.

Hunt & Associates, Inc. is committed to treating the cause, not just the symptoms of skyrocketing insurance costs and we will continue to be innovative in our approach.

Hunt & Associates, Inc
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